1. What Yoga do we practice?
It is that of the Ashtanga yoga which is organized around eight main pillars:

 - observances: yama and niyama
 - posture: asanas
 - control of the breath: prana
 - internalization
 - resorption of sensitivities
 - concentration
 - Meditation with or without support

2. How are the courses organized?
The course is divided into several parts, from posture to controlled breathing, from relaxation to possible comments on immediate experiences or personal evocations. In the year, alternating periods of postures are more intensive, moments of relaxation, massages, sessions on the work of the breath. Optional meditation or text study sessions are available. Small seminars take place during retirement or other times (March or May most often). More important courses are held in summer seminars. Once every 5 or 6 years, seminars are held on site in India.

3 . Meditation ?
The masters of the Saraswati line passed on their teaching with two guidelines. We must act to transform ourselves and what transforms us makes us an observer of our actions. The alternation of action and observation becoming the middle ground, etymology of the word yoga. This comment makes it clear that the final path of this practice leads to meditation. This can be guided in various forms, either in groups, or individually, with or without support, with or without a theme... It is at the same time a look at oneself in a state of passivity and an awakening of vigilance that observes without intervening. This practice of meditation is done every three or four weeks in addition to posture courses and following a pre-established schedule.