This teaching is done, as tradition says, directly, in the initiatory framework "Shakti path". This point is very similar to that of the so-called "kundalini" or Shivaist, but this is a matter of precision and references.

The origin is the Shaivist teaching of Kashmir. The lineage is known since the 14th century and is transmitted directly from person to person. It was only in the 19th century that this teaching was given more widely.

We practicing Ashtanga yoga. It covers as much the physical, emotional and mental aspects, which are like entrance doors to get to know oneself.

It is like drilling in the ground that leads to the discovery of layers as the drilling progress.

These different facets have been developed in a certain type of teaching such as the practice of postures by Sri Iyengar or Patabi Joy, the study by Patanjali, the kundalini by Shivananda or the contemplation by Mataji.

The goal is self-transformation by oneself.

After several years of practice in clubs, youth cultural centers and other regional associations, an association was created so that the courses could be more flexible, autonomous and to be closer to the teaching followed.

This is how the Saraswati association was born. It takes again the name of the lineage of this teaching which has been perpetuated until this day by successive masters before being transmitted to the present animator.